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Mix2inside are Dario Igor & Bordin Stefano



Dario Igor is musician and plays the viola; with his introvert and extravagant character he is perhaps the base element as far as the musical arrangements and productions are concerned. He is a perfectionist, not to say an over-perfectionist, always looking for the best thing and always ready to dare in every project, confident of the fact that his computer and technology skills have been his daily bread for 15 years. His experience as producer began in 1996, he was orientated towards a House music which was unfortunately too refined for that period in our country. Since 1997 he has been involved in all the productions carried out with Dj Bordin S., with whom there is a complete understanding both for the productions and for the remixes done for various discographic labels. It was his idea to create this production team and everybody was enthusiastic and agreed. His best slogan for the Mix2Inside team is "To produce, not to reproduce".

Bordin Stefano
Born in Venice on 19/07/69 he starts his activity as dj in 1985 with an undoubtful underground attitude. In the following years his feelings are definitely dedicated only to House music. He has worked in various clubs, among which the Jenny House Music Factory, the Exhibits and the Reef Club. From 2003 he's collaborate with his guest mix shows in different networks (radio Company italy - Faize Music - Houselabs (UK)- Club House Session France - Tpn HIT Energy radio Italy - Club Radio Network USA - radio Eskil Stuna Sweden . Aware of the fact that besides passion it is necessary to have also constancy, in 1996 he begins his activity as producer. Since then he has mainly dealt with House productions and after having worked with various labels, in 1998 he created his own label "Bord’s Records" and today, besides collaborating with international labels as remixer, he is author and componist of Mix2inside songs.

Dario Igor & Bordin Stefano are the producers aka Mix2inside.


Johnny Costa - remixer
jhonny costa

Johnny C. Dj begins his activity as dj in 1984 in Italy where he plays for more or less 5 years, then he goes abroad, mainly to France and Switzerland, where he is able to play and perform in many important clubs, such as X taz, Macumba, Guest House, Lake Parade, Fbi, By pass, Arthur’s Club, Reve D’o, Radio One FM etc., sharing nights with other international djs, like Eddy Amador, Djamin, Dj Dado and many others, until 2001 when, thanks to his perfectionism, Muve Recordings (division of Musik Vertrieb) gives him the job of mixing the compilation Dance Boat. During an evening together, he meets Dj Majestic and they discover immediately a mutual understanding for a certain style of House music. Notwithstanding his collaboration as remixer with Mix2Inside (Funky B and the remix of Black Masses, Deep Swing, Sugar Babies for K Traxx Records) since 1999, the two djs decide to unite under a single production trademark, that is M & J Project through The Flowers House Studio. Like Johnny Costa, also Majestic Dj has been behind many consoles of various clubs (Macumba, Diva Club, Lake Parade, Boheme Club and many others), sharing the set with djs such as Djamian. Not as remixers, but entirely as producers they carry out their first project entitled "Melody" in these days; it all began with a clever idea of Lonigro E., with a sample which reminds undoubtedly of the Seventies, but is developed with a genial melody of Strings very well played. They too, as associated producers, enrich with their work the Mix2Inside team.Their slogan: "I live only on House".

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Jocelyn Brown - Singer

JOCELYN BROWN is a woman with a powerful, soul shaking voice that reaches out with extended arms and engulfs your musical desires. “I Got The Power” a sample of Jocelyn's voice Snap's international one single “The Power”, totally astonished the Artiste herself when arriving in a club for a performance and hearing her voice repeatedly. She witnessed, first hand, the audience's response to the powerful vocals featured on this hit . “I think it is great that people love and use my voice”, says Jocelyn, “as long as I can make people happy with it, I feel like I am doing my job!”
And doing her job she is! In fact this seasonal musical veteran began singing in public at the age of three in the church, and at gig's with her family. She then first gained national attention with the release of her debut album for Warner Brothers Records “One From The Heart” in 1984. With cuts produced by Jellybean Benitez and the teams of Hubert Eaves/ James Batton and Russ Titleman/Rob Mounsey, Jocelyn featured eight powerful cuts which include hits like “Love's Gonna Get You” and the perennial Club Classical “Somebody Else's Guy” written by Jocelyn and her sister Annette.However, as modest as she is, Jocelyn has established quite an impressive portfolio working with stellar names such as Luther Vandross, Bette Midler, John Lennon, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Roberta Flack, George Benson, Teddy Pendergrass, Culture Club, Masters At Work and many others. She is also noted as being one of New York City's premier jingle Artistes, and had been associated with several television and radio campaigns for companies and products which include McDonalds, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Vicks Nyquil, Bell Atlantic Telephone, Sprite, Coca Cola, Dr Pepper, Pepsi, Welch's Grape Soda, A & P Supermarkets, American Express, Mediprin, Jellow Pudding, Maxwell House, Greyhound Bus Company and a host of others. Jocelyn has also been featured on many Film Sound Tracks such as Walt Disney Film's hit animation “Hercules, Lilo & Stitch” and has appeared on a number of top rated TV shows including ”Saturday Night Live”. Despite the acclaim garnered by her debut album, Jocelyn remains levelheaded and grateful for her musical talents. “I don't really think about being a “star”, she insists, “if that is going to happen, then it's in God's hands and I thank him for all his blessings. I've worked with some talented musicians, producers, super performers, radio and television presenters and most of the best of all the DJ's in the world.


Zahra- Singer

Azania is one of them. Originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa, this award-winning, multi-cultural artist was born and raised in the U.S. & in Geneva, Switzerland. From the age of 6 she knew that singing was her calling. "It's a beautiful way to share emotions and connect with people on a deep level" she says. Azania's captivating voice, powerful energy and positive charisma make her a phenomenal performer and a joy to see on stage. She has performed over 800 concerts around the world, from Europe to Africa, Asia and the U.S. and looks forward to travelling worldwide. "It's always wonderful and fascinating to see how universal music is. It surpasses so many cultural boundaries and speaks straight to the heart". Azania has sung at some of the most prestigious venues, including the famous Blue Note Jazz Club and the legendary Apollo in New York City, as well as the Blues Alley in Washington D.C. She has also performed in major music festivals, such as the world-renowned Montreux Jazz festival in Europe and has been invited to perform for 4 Presidents – of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Malawi and former prime minister of the U.K. Tony Blair. In Paris, she won first prize in the French T.V. competition 'Graines de Star' on M6TV. Broadcast to millions of viewers, it was the first French show similar to 'American Idol'. She also recently featured on the famous TV show "The Voice" in France (TF1 TV) seen by over 8 million viewers internationally. A true chameleon, Azania loves exploring various facets of her voice in different styles of music. During her 12+ years of classical opera voice training, she performed in many different bands of not only soul and funk, but various styles from jazz to disco, electro/house to gospel, reggae to musical theater. In her latest album, RISING, several songs are inspired by the groovy soul and funk era of the 1970's. However Azania's compositions evolve from diverse musical influences. "I simply compose what I feel, and I'm inspired by different styles. To me what's most important is the message and emotion of each song. If you feel it, that's all that counts". Reflecting her warm personality, Azania's lyrics are often enriched with uplifting and positive messages. She's currently composing songs for a new album to be released in 2015. Azania is also a talented actress, she notably performed in a short film "Grace" playing a Kenyan immigrant who suffered domestic violence. She recently acted in an upcoming documentary film produced by the grandson of the famous African-American icons, Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis, called "Life's Essentials by Ruby Dee". An avid philanthropist, Azania is goodwill ambassador to the All As One Children's Center and orphanage based in her home country, Sierra Leone in West Africa. Founded during the country's civil war, since 1999 they have provided shelter, food, medical care and schooling to over 3,000 of orphaned and destitute children in Sierra Leone.


Sarah Deangelo (Sarah Grimaldi) - Singer

I started singing into church chorus and I followed piano and dance(classic and modern) . I started to practice as a Dj when I was 14 years old and few month after I started to collaborate with some Radios in making advertising jingles and as a speaker. Contemporary I worked for a company that produced videos in the section of filming and editing side by side great artist and at the same time I did the extra and protagonist into musical video(kc sunshine band-pino daniele-gianni morandi and many others Italian and international artists). After this experiences I decided to sing for some bands that permitted to travel all around Europe, this gave me the chance to became the chorus singer of some famous dance artists. i started to collaborate as a shift worker for dance production, taking part also like authors of the songs. singing in concert both in Italy and all around Europe gave me the experience and the ability to sing in different languages such as English, Spanish, French and German, and to perform in different kind of music such as pop, blues, dance, house, trance and opera. I am a light coloured soprano with a voice extended for 4 octave. I studied as private the opera and then I got through the conservatory examination getting the first-class degree and I was ready to take part to opera recital and international competitions. I take part to gospel concerts side by side great artist like Leona Laviscount ( Harlem gospel singers). I collaborated with different famous artists both as soloist and chorus singer, but also as composer. I collaborated and sang for artist like : Zucchero Fornaciari -Ice MC(singer of his last album in 15 tracks), Funky Company ,Jenny B,Double you(soloist and chorus singer in the last album released by BMG), etc.….. and more other “Releases”


Karin Mensah - Singer

Originally from the cape Verde Island, Karin Mensah grew up in Dakar, Senegal
Immersed in a multitude of music culture from afro, Soul, and Funk & Jazz.
At the tender age of 11 she was already talking part in various song and dace show for theatre ancd local television.
The result is a technical mastery which, added to a natural talent, a Flexible voice and a strong stage presence, guarantees the quality of her performances.
She always succeeds in giving the just interpretation & atmosphere to every songs she interprets. She working with various groups playing diverse musical sounds such as R&B, Soul & Jazz.
Her musical credits include numerous collaborations with recording companies like Sony, Flying Records and Byte Records. She has also worked with various Italian and International artists, Maria Carey to name but one.
As well as her work as an artist, for many years she has also dedicated a great deal of her time to her profession as a singing teacher where she puts her personal combination of technique and modern singing into practise.


Wendy Lewis - Singer

Singer, writer and a woman who can put on a fantastic show, Wendy Lewis is no stranger to the stage. Born in Chicago , USA , known for Blues and Gospels , she’s grown up breathing it and gained immense musical knowledge in these fields. She studied singing at the prestigious music school, the Julliard School of New York with Joyce McClean and Dodi Potero . After several years of studying, she left the US to pursue her aspirations, and soon became known internationally in central Europe & the US.

A refined voice with a limitless range, she’s a singer with great dynamics and has that rare sense of feeling & expression. In the International Jazz Festivals, she shared the stage with well-known artists such as Earth, Wind & Fire, Maceo Parker, Dianne Reeves, Herbie Goins, Tuck & Patti, and Herbie Hancock . She was co-writer & principal singer in the Italian funk group ‘Jestofunk’. She can also be heard on her newly available CD release: "Wendy Lewis: "New Beginnings" with the pianist David Grausman (and well-known accompanist to Nora Jones).The renowned Italian film director, Lina Wertmuller, chose Wendy as principal voice for her new show ‘Caligula’ (2004). And what a spectacular voice she has.


Gioia Bruno - Singer

Gioia Bruno is a popular music singer, most noted for her membership in the group Exposé. Bruno was born in Bari, Italy, during a vacation her parents took. She was raised in New Jersey. At the age of 16, she started singing in night clubs with bands. Sometime later, she decided to move to Florida. When performing at the Gee Wiz nightclub in Miami, Florida, she was approached by Frank Diaz, of Pantera Group Enterprises, who offered her a role in Exposé. After a while, Bruno accepted the offer and ended up joining the group, along with Jeanette Jurado and Ann Curless. A benign throat tumor ended up putting her singing career on hiatus. An operation was considered but rejected since it could possibly permanently damage her vocal cords. She left Exposé in 1991 (though fans weren't told until mid-1992, shortly before the release of the next album). Bruno ended up co-founding a dance studio in Florida. Her tumor ended up dissolving in a few years. She went back to singing, and for a few years was the singer in the band Wet. She then left to focus on developing her solo career. Her first solo single was the anthem "Free To Be" became very popular with her fanbase, especially her gay male fanbase. Her second single "From The Inside" was promonently featured on the primetime cable series "Queer As Folk." Bruno gained more new fans and success after it was featured on one of the QAF soundtrack. Her third solo single "Wrecking My Nerves" saw similar success in the dance music community. After several years of trial and error, in 2004, her first album, Expose This, was released on Koch Records. The albums two singles, "Be Mine" and "Incredible" proformed well, making the Top 30 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play. Expose This sold decently among dance music lovers and fans of Expose although many moderate and large dance music radio stations inexpliably did not put the radio friendly singles into rotation. Bruno also co-produced and sang lead vocals on Will To Power (band)'s 2005 remake of Dreamin' (again) Which hit #1 on most US record pool charts and dance radio stations like WMPH 91.7 where it remained #1 for many months.


Sandhi Santini - Singer

Sandhi Santini is a native of Edisto, a remote sea island located between the swamps of Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia. At 5'4" and a little over 100 pounds, this well-seasoned songstress is "classy, sexy and sophisticated. Her voice is distinctly earthy, rich, and exotically cultivated. "Sandhi has performed extensively in Turkey, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Greece and throughout the USA with a variety of bands. Additionally, she has appeared in numerous television shows, soap operas and films. Sandhi currently lives between New York City, NY and Milan, Italy.

She is very excited and happy about her new collaboration with Giuliano Saglia of Brioche Publishing and Igor and Stefano of Mix2Inside Productions, and looks forward to a very successful and long relationship with them.


Gopheller Dj (Belgium)

Native from Belgium and born in 1971, DJ Gopheller has been into the music scene for over 20 years.
Mostly spinning for small places such as club-lounge, bar-club, and radio station shows (as some Hed Kandi events). He's known for his particular music taste which is mainly a combination of soulful house, beach house, and disco & funky house.

The groovy sound of the bass, the heat of the violins, and the sound of the Bossa Nova piano keys, and of course the wonderful diva voices are all he needs to get on fire and make you dance the whole night.



Dario Martino Dj & producer (Switzerland)

In love with Deep/soulful-House since he was born, he finaly found his way to produce and dj. With his little but good equiped homestudio he is the most of the day on 122 - 126 bpm& ,,,,,,, with the goal to materialize his passion as much as he can in every single track/remix.
Born and raised in Basel (Switzerland) , he was ever inspired by the house-music scene in town, and had the bless to call the realy talented artists like Ben Brown, Adon L, and Deepvoice and many more as his friends and colab-members.


Antony Angell Dj - International Dj from UK

I currently have my own internet radio show called Essential House, which is doing very well on 21 stations around the world, including the AM Frequency in Brisbane,  Australia and the FM Frequency in Cork, Northern Ireland. Approximately 1.2 million people are listening to the show each week across all the stations. Amongst the regular DJ interviews which in the past has included Todd Terry (1 of only 5 worldwide interviews in 2007), Erick Morillo and Martin Solveig , A top feature of the radio show is the monthly residents slot which in the past has included sets from Stonebridge, Groove Junkies, the very talented Swiss producer Steven Stone, as well as the up and coming Young DJ of the year Joshua Roberts. In conjunction with Essential House, I have recently started an Electro/Tech radio show called Tuff & Twisted Sessions which also features some of the above named labels as residents. For nearly two years the Essential House show has benefited from a successful advertising partnership with Slappa DJ Cases.
Stemming from my three year residency for Stereo Sushi resident DJ (Hed Kandi’s little brother), I have recently took over the running of the brand for Ministry of Sound, including heading including organising events across the county, all the radio developments and helping with the signing of new tracks for Stereo Sushi and Hed Kandi. I often write the press releases for the new albums launches, for both Stereo Sushi and Hed Kandi. As well as starting to work for the new brand Kings of House and also Born To Dance Records, I have also DJ’d at Hed Kandi gigs, including most recently at The Empire in Middlesboro and also in Germany on New Year’s Eve 2010 and Ministry of Sound on May Bank Holiday for Hed Kandi.
I regularly write reviews for Defected records, and also for, Borntodance Records and, for this I have a small handpicked selection of music industry professionals to be part of my team to write and submit reviews.
The new album mixed and compiled by myself will be available from HMV, iTunes and Traxsource etc, from March 2010 entitled Essential House Miami Twenty Ten which is being released on Borntodance Records. For this album I have dealt with the licensing contracts and have mixed the DJ Mix as well. The album is a mix of Soulful to Funky/Mainroom style with a few exclusives that are not available anywhere else (Artwork for the release below). As well mixing the Soulheat Records Ibiza sampler for 2010 which will also be available on Traxsource and iTunes

Music wise, I’m currently playing anything from Funky to Soulful, Deep to Uplifting House, Old School as well as Electro House depending on the venue and most importantly the crowd and have held down residencies at some of the busiest nights in the North-East. The last few years have seen me playing in Ibiza for Stereo Sushi and Garlands, including guest spots for Plastik, the Plastic boat party and also Eden. I have also played in Mauritius three times for Ministry of Sound alongside Stonebridge, Antoine Claraman and Jon Fitz.  In September 2007 DJ Mag featured the event which was for Ministry of Sound and we were the first international DJs to play on the island, we played in a sold out 8500 capacity venue at the national football stadium. The event was broadcast on the national radio as well as in the national press and news channels.


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Jade Watts - Singer


Natasha Lew - Singer


Carolyn Brown - Singer


Janette Taylor - Singer



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