Mix2Inside (aka Bordin S. & Dario I.) begin thier constant and exclusive collaboration as producers in 1997. At the beginning the group is made up of three people and they start with the name of Mix Inside. Their first project, "Give it Up" feat. Cheryl Porter for the "Rise" label of time Group, is immediately licenced by Max Music. Afterwards, always under the name of Mix Inside, they produce Judy Scott and remix, on behalf of the label Tentigo, a licence of the American Subliminal (by Czr feat. Darryl Pandy "Bad Enough"), which gives them the opportunity to show their ability. Thanks to the great success obtained with the insertion of the remixed version in the compilations of the Swiss Tba, the group Wild/Saifam decides to give them also the job of remixing a cover, produced originally as Whitegate sung by Darryl Pandy, with the title "I need your loving Rmx 2001". This remix, edited and distorted by Mix Inside (although not purely in House style), has immediately a great outcome abroad, where it is licenced by various labels such as Zyx, K-town and House No. After it is inserted in 5 compilations, Zyx music produces and distributes the Maxi cd single with all the remix versions of Mix Inside.

After these years of experience due to working with different discographic labels first with their productions and then as remixer, they decide to open their own independent label, "Bords Records", which deals with the production of high-standard House music. Basicly from now on they become Mix2Inside: they begin important collaborations and, while they produce Funky B on behalf of Wild in collaboration with The Flowers house production (Geneve), they also remix projects on behalf of K Traxx Records, tested with the nice, but not easy song of the licence of the Tom Tom Club of the black masses "Give It All U Got", written by Clevelen A. – A. Brown and sung by Angie Brown (the year before the same group had been remixed by the duo Bini & Martini… You’ll remember "Wonderfull Person").

K Traxx Records shows them renewed trust and esteem by giving them the job of remixing with two tracks the Tommy Boy Silver Label Licence, project of Sugar Babies, entitled "Forgive & Forget", sung by the excellent Muriel Fowler, where they distort and create a remix of which they are still proud and which will have an immediate success with the insertion in a compilation of Musik Vertrieb (Muve Recordings), mixed by johnny Costa, and especially with the exports of the mix.

Subsequently they are contacted by the Swiss Tba and they remix two songs on behalf of the very good Whiteside (Roland Wyss) feat. Davenport M., "Have it all",where Mix2Inside will do the Line Bass remix and the Beach Brazilian remix, which will be immediately inserted in the Ugly House Gold Compilation.

From now on work prevails and they remix a track of Deep Swing entitled "I promise you" Rmx, a licence of Generate Recordings obtained exclusively from K Traxx, producing for themselves the Full Vocal Mix. Then they are asked to produce a latin-style remix, "Timba en trampa" feat. Aguero W., produced for the world of K Traxx, where they deal with the classical Vocal Mix. In the meantime they continue to remix and produce projects of their own matrix, such as "Body" feat. Dalia Black (licence 2Aemk Records), Sunshine House and Penthouse Groove. After born Mix2Inside Records, this label is enriched by the collaboration of internationally known djs and producers, among which we find as associated producers M&J project and the wonderful singer and actress Zahra…… Follow the rest in the News.

Currently it appreciates in multiple territory of the world ; The collaborations are Very many with the best Teams, labels and international artist of the world with the productions and remixes.... As Joyce Elaine Yuille, Deep Swing, Carolyn Brown, Azania, Zahra, Karin Mensah, Jocelyn Brown, Junior Tt, Wendy Lewis, Natasha Lew, Jade Watts, Gioia Bruno, Colonel Abrams, Darryl Pandy, Cheryl Porter, Black Masses, Shunga Mention, Midas Davenport, Awuero W. , Tylene Thomkins, and More More other collaborations.
NOW, Very many Internationals Compilations included the productions by Mix2inside.



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